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Witch Balls are full of history. Legend of the Witch Ball is that they were hung in the window for protection against evil spells and negativity. It is said that the beauty of the orbs attract negative spirits and their energy inside the glass Witch Ball. Hung in the window or elsewhere, or even resting on a velvet pillow, these blown glass Witch Balls trap the negative energy and prevent it from affecting the work or home environment. These Olde English Witch Balls are hand-blown by glass artisans at Kitras Art Glass in Canada.

Our large Witch Balls come in 6 colors, 4 two-color combinations and are approximately 5" - 5 1/2" in diameter. You can hang a Witch Ball by our spiral hooks on the wall or suspend the witch ball from the ceiling with a plant hook.

Since the invention of glass blowing over two thousand years ago, the skill of glass making using heat and gravity to manipulate the molten lava form has been applied in various forms. While vessel glass has endless possibilities and versatility, the transformation of images and ideas into beautiful sculptures is the creation of art glass.

As with our predecessors in ancient Rome, the art of glass blowing is just as unique and the craft of art glass entails the artist's images being created into glass-sculptured pieces. Each handcrafted design is unique and distinctive as is the technique and style of the artist, and the method stays true to the creation of the art. Even in modern times, the same skills and movements are still being used to create glass art all over the world.

It is the belief of Kitras Art Glass, that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. When surrounded by beauty the spirit is uplifted. The company also believes that beautiful objects should be affordable, and not only for the elite. Each hand-crafted piece created by Kitras Art Glass is unique and reflects the imagination and creativity of the artist. We develop our own designs and create each one right here in our studio. Using the same methods from hundreds of years ago, the fluid nature of the molten glass results in creating a completely one of a kind piece of art. The reflection of vibrant colours, the capturing of light on every surface, is an enchanting addition to any home.

Our Glass Witch Balls are great as a gift for a housewarming or new office space. There are many solid and two-color combinations to choose from. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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